• Why Sanimed

    SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition for dogs and cats was developed by Prof. Dr. Anton Beynen, and is produced by Vobra Special Petfoods, Veghel, The Netherlands. The company has more than 80 years of experience in producing and marketing pet foods.


    善理邁荷蘭獸醫糧是由著名動物營養學博士 Dr. Anton Beynen 研發,並由有80多年悠久歷史的荷蘭Vobra Special Petfoods 動物糧食製造廠生產。

    SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition combines scientific knowledge about the effectiveness of preventive nutrition and diet therapy with its long experience in the field of high quality dog and cat food production.



    The SANIMED Preventive products are adjusted to the life stages of dogs and cats and are perfectly suitable for all breeds. SANIMED Curative is developed with high quality, natural ingredients that have proven their effectiveness.


    善理邁荷蘭獸醫糧成長配方(Preventive)調配出適合各品種的貓、狗在不同成長階段食用的糧食;善理邁荷蘭獸醫糧處方糧(Curative) 以純天然和高品質的原材料,生產出有效對抗疾病的糧食。

  • Prof. Dr. Anton Beynen’s main responsibility is the Research & Development department of Vobra Special Petfoods. Born in 1953, he is currently professor of Animal Nutrition at the Rajamangala University of Technology, Isan in Sakon Nahkon (Thailand).


    Dr. Anton Beynen 主要在Vobra Special Petfoods中作科研。他生於1953 年,現在是泰國Rajamangala University of Technology, Isan in Sakon Nahkon 大學中的動物營養學系教授。


    Anton Beynen holds a Master of Science in Human Nutrition (1977) and wrote a Ph.D. thesis on the regulation of fat metabolism (1981). Anton Beynen has held six chairs. As a professor at the University of Wageningen (1987-1992), the University of Indonesia (1991-1993) and the University of Utrecht (1993-2007), he has taught basic and applied animal nutrition to students of veterinary medicine and biomedicine. He also, in various ways, researches the influence of diet on dog and cat health.

    Anton Beynen 於1977年完成人類營養學碩士,在1981年完成他的博士研究 (regulation of fat metabolism)。Anton Beynen 曾在六所院校任教。他在 University of Wageningen (1987-1992), the University of Indonesia (1991-1993) 和 the University of Utrecht (1993-2007)為教授的時候, 主要教導獸醫學生有關於動物營養學的基本知識和應用。此外,他亦從多種途徑積極研究飲食對貓狗健康的影響。


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